What to do if you dropped your iPhone in water?

It’s a very common issue when you drop your smartphone in water. Here at Vegas Cellular we fixed hundreds of water damaged iPhones, Samsung Galaxy and other smartphones and Laptops. Not many people know but 78% of water damaged phones are can be fixable and reused again so you don’t have to run to nearest wireless store and buy a new phone!

However if your cellphone got wet or fell in the toilet it is very important to follow few simple steps in order to increase the chances of saving your phone from water damage.

What You Should Do?

  1. Take your device out of the water immediately and dry out the surface of your phone as much as possible, remove all cases and any accessories from your phone. You can use a hair blower to dry out the small components inside the phone, make sure to use ONLY with cold air (hot air can damage your gadget completely and melt small parts inside the device).
  2. Try to turn OFF the device as soon as you can and take out the battery if possible, it will decrease the chances of a short circuit and will not allow the current to travel in your phone along an unintended path. As longer the phone is ON the grater the chances of short circuit and if it hits the mother board, your device will become unfixable.
  3. Don’t wait too long, bring it to a reputable phone repair lab as soon as possible, so a professional technician could disassemble the phone and try to fix it. The longer you will wait the smaller chances of fixing it, as corrosion will start to build up from the electrochemical reaction with the phone components. It’s recommended to bring your phone for a repair within the first 3 days from the accident.

What we do?

  1. Disassemble the device – there are many small components and screws inside your smartphone and it’s important to open the device in a proper way while not damaging any other parts. We will dry every little part individually on the phone and diagnose the damages.
  2. We will treat every component with our special chemicals and a flex removal and will use the ultra-sonic cleaner machine that works on ultrasound to clean delicate parts. This step is the most critical one and has to be done in the right way.
  3. Replacing the battery – in 99% after water damage has been occurred the phone battery has to be replaced as the battery maid from lithium and its material is not resisted to water.
  4. After all the following steps completed we will assemble the phone back and test for any damaged parts, in some cases we will have to replace some parts with a new ones, such as LCD, Charging port connector, audio jack, Wi-Fi cable or any other part that might be damaged.

What NOT to do:

  1.  Do NOT connect your phone to electricity or charging plugs, it will create a short circuit
  2. Do NOT use the phone or try to make phone calls or other functions until you haven’t bring it to a repair shop.
  3. Do NOT disassemble the phone yourself (except of battery removal) as you might damage other parts in your smartphone.
  4. Do NOT put your phone in a bag of rice (it’s a superstitious rumor and it doesn’t work).

Here at Vegas Cellular we fix all water damaged phones, tablets and laptops from Apple iPhone to any iPad models, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Android models and all windows phones. We have above average ratio of 85% success rate of fixing water damaged devices, so bring it to our experts today and we will fix it the same day, most water damage repairs done within 1-2 hours at our store.