What to do when you crack your iPad screen?

 You dropped your iPad on the concrete and the screen got shattered. Now you asking yourself the Apple store will fix your iPad for you or where do I go to fix my iPad screen? Well there is couple of facts that you should know before looking for a repair shop for your iPad.

  1. First you need to determine what has been broke on your tablet, the glass also known as the digitizer or the LCD screen that projecting the display and the images and if there any physical damage on the iPad housing.  Be careful when you operating an iPad with a broken screen, as an 8 inch shattered screen can easily cut your fingers while trying to use it, do not give it to children in this condition as small pieces of the glass might still fall.
  2.  Make sure to find a reputable technician that worked before on all iPad models and has the knowledge of fixing, iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad3, New iPad and the iPad Mini models. As it looks like all models look the same there is a big difference between all models in the parts serial numbers and the internal connection, as they are not the same.  Make sure that the specialist you use using OEM replacement parts and not the aftermarket parts, as it might effect on your apple warranty.
  3. Despite the fact that you might purchase an Applecare warranty in many cases the deductible on your cracked screen insurance might be higher than go to a local iPhone repair shop and fix your gadget, make sure to compare prices before you run to Apple store.


If you still confused and don’t know how to fix your iPad screen, here at Vegas Cellular we have the answer for all your questions.  First if you still not sure what is the problem on your Tablet we will diagnose it for FREE of charge.  We have a solution for every pocket and we are the only phone repair store in Las Vegas that provides our customers the choice what part they want to use, we have OEM parts in stock as well as the aftermarket parts and we give you the choice to decide which parts to use.  As many other stores might offer lower prices, be advised that they probably use the cheapest quality parts in the market and it might affect your device in the long run.

Vegas Cellular is a computer and cellPhone repair center, we have over 14 years of experience in fixing broken tablets of all models, Apple iPad, Samsung Tab Repair, Android Tablets, Kindle Fire, Blackberry Tablets and Asus tablet.  So be sure to bring your tablet to Vegas Cellular for a repair and we will fix it for you the same day!

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